Don’t Let Fear Pull At You

     Little instances of doubt or motivation may be tugging at you and driving you nuts. I know when I feel an uncertain pull in a different direction I can become slightly tense. But what if this tension were a good thing? From an engineering stand point tension frequently supports physical bodies to keep them from colliding. This is great for bridges but is it good for me?

     Recently my job search has involved a few ups and downs and that makes me rather tense. But I had to stop evaluating my feelings and start reading into the situation to determine my next move. Clearly I can’t control whether I get a job or not, otherwise I wouldn’t be under so much pressure. So I began the obvious practice of submitting more resumes and trying to reach out to more people who may influence my opportunities. After all of this I discovered something about myself that I never would have thought to be a problem. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I always felt it was a strength of mine that where ever I was I just wanted to be doing a great job regardless where or what it involved. That isn’t good enough any more. I needed to define who I wanted to be so I could be a strong candidate rather than just another filler employee.

     Obviously I want to be productive and function as a good doer, but more over I want to be a leader of great doers. I love the opportunity to motivate and push people or teach them to do things they thought were impossible. I am no ground breaking individual that is for sure, but those people are out there and I want to work with them. So what about the tension, what is pulling me away from some positions and closer to others?

     Fear. I have let fear pull me to apply for positions that I think are closer to my abilities rather than my interests. The fear comes in when I think about my future and what kind of work I will be doing. The truth is I have a strength that I need to share where others are weak and fear is in my way.

     The solution to my problem meant I had to turn my fears into motivation. I can’t reciprocate my lack of experience as a lack of ability. I know that I am capable of at least learning what to do and I need to show that. I need to define who I can be, not only who I am.

     If you take anything from this you should understand not to let fear downsize you. Take the initiative to work towards goals that interest you and let your abilities show for themselves. You may be looking for a job like I am but don’t settle for something you can do, work for something you want to do. Define your goals and figure out what you can truly offer so that maybe you can slide into the right place at the right time.

Picture Credit:

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  from  Hunter McGinnis


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